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Buy award winning Cannabis Seeds Online from Our Store

Buy BC Seeds, Canada’s award winning marijuana seeds. We have all of Canada’s best seed breeders from Alberta weed seeds, Saskatchewan and Manitoba prairie seeds. Heading East we have Quebec gold seeds and Canada’s East Coast cannabis strains. We’ve got a huge selection of Canadian pot seeds to meet your needs growing cannabis outdoors in Canada. You can also grow all Canadian Marijuana strains indoors as well.

Canada weed seeds shipped worldwide

The Weed Seeds Canada website offers the best quality of marijuana with their experience of breeding for almost thirty years. From GTA seeds to BC seeds, we have got everything you need! With our fastest delivery service, you can get your order guaranteed at your doorsteps even to a distant part of the globe, such as Australia, Japan, etc. Now, search through our catalogue right away and grab the best deals on weed seeds of your choice.

Benefits of Ontario Hemp Seeds

Although pot seeds don’t contain any cannabinoids, they provide nutritional benefits to our health and body metabolism. It contains crucial omega fatty acid contents like omega three and six, which are required for our body from an external source. Consuming marijuana seeds also helps you to stick to a heart-healthy diet as the omega acid present in it reduces blood pressure and thus decrease the risk of a heart attack. Integrating Canadian hemp seeds in the right quantity for your lifestyle will not only improve your heart, it will provide you with greater health benefits. If you’re looking for a trusted online shop to buy pot seeds to cultivate your own little marijuana plant in your backyard, then you are the right place.

Best Canada Seed Bank

Weed Seeds Canada your the best GTA seed bank sellking BC Seeds. So have confidence you’re buying the best cannabis genetics in Canada. Buy online, buy today. We use express post within Canada and have same day shipping worldwide.


BC Seeds is an online cannabis seed bank producing ultra-quality cannabis seeds and selling them worldwide. BC Seeds has a reputation for supplying genuine cannabis seeds online since the 1990’s. You can get these seeds online at Weed Seeds since we have a strong connection with topmost seed banks like BC Seeds.
Hemp and marijuana are the same plants with separate names for the very same genus and species. The different percentage of THC, the psychoactive substance, separates them. Hemp plants carry no more than 0.3 % of THC so you can’t get high on hemp whereas marijuana typically contains 5 to 40% + THC.
Naturally produced compounds present in the Cannabis sativa plant are cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis, is the most well-known of these substances. A further main constituent of the plant is Cannabidiol (CBD).
Since THC and CBD can reach the body in so many forms - smoking, vaping, ingesting, transdermal via the skin, the availability of topical cannabis products are on the market right now is limitless and definitely plentiful. Cannabis oils, beauty & skincare products, beverages, chocolates, gummies, capsules and cannabis dog treats are widely present in the market.
The life of seeds completely depends on the seed type and how it is stored. In fact, cannabis seeds can be properly stored for many decades. Generally, weed seeds left out at room temperature without humidity control or packaging only last for about one year.
You don’t have to worry about the cultivation process. You can go with the finest products offered by BC Seeds and one seed is enough to grow one plant. You can buy seeds based on how many plants you want to grow. If you want to grow marijuana for bud, then you could simply grow feminized seeds. If you would prefer to have both male and female plants you could grow from regular seeds which are not feminized and are natural seeds.
Customers like the way GTA seeds bank responds and ships quickly. Its professional approach to handle your order and quick response to your requests make them one of the most trusted seed banks. Apart from this, it stands for providing affordable and high-quality seeds. Most of their customers are repeat customers because of the deals and quality genetics you’ll get each time you place an order.
GTA seed bank guarantees 100% germination, *free shipping, affordable prices, guaranteed shipping, reliable products, quality control, a huge seed variety, and 24/7 customer support. These are the main features that people usually like about this seed bank.

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