Combination Packages

Cannabis seed combanation packages offer you the best way to buy and own multiple cannabis genetics at lower cost. You’ll save a ton of coin buying these seeds bundled. Normally when you purchase award winning strains you’ll have to buy each strain individually. Those costs can get out of control if yoou wish to sample multiple cannabis winners. We offer you a solution to obtain trophy cannabis winners at a mush lower cost.

Cannabis Variety Packs

If you remember the fun going to your local beer store to mix six, you’ll love our mixed cannabis seed packs. It’s a great way to try out different strains instead of sticky the same old boring strain in your seed pack. It’s more fun to mix your genetics and discouver new strains you’ll love that you never would have sampled before.

Discover your favourite strain

When you buy our feminized combo pack, we make it easy to discover the top strains in the world. Our combo pack contain award winning strains. You won’t get stuck with a strain you don’t like, because it’s trophy cannabis strains in our combo packs. You’ll only get the best strains in our weed seed combo packs. Enjoy the delights of fancy new award winning strains at huge discount prices. Cannabis seed combination packages won’t be offered forever, so buy now while they are discounted in price. You might as well pick up a few packs today and save while our combo seed stocks last. These sell out very quickly, so don’t delay and act today. All seeds are hand selected cream of the crop, so you should expect 100% germination rates and big fat dark seeds.

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