Feminised seeds

Our top Canadian seed breeders while make you the best feminised seeds in the world. We have been breeding female weeds seeds since 2002, so we a know a thing or two about what makes these seeds better. We do everything we can to make you the best 100% feminised strains. But sometimes hermies can appear. It’s very rare and any claiming they won’t show themselves is lying. Most breeders use various chemicals to make feminised seeds. But we prefer sophisticated techniques like stressing the female plant physically without any male energy for miles.

How to make female seeds properly

Plants actually communicate together, and when you remove all male plants and male pollen from miles away your female plants will naturally evolve to survive. These female plants will also grow and show male pollen sacs with female DNA, and eventually pollinate themselves.

How to get 100% females

When you mix a female cannabis plant with pollen created from a female plant, you’ll get 100% female seeds. Now these seeds are very unlikely to hermie, and if one does, the damage is usually minor because the pollen sacs are fewer and smaller. It’s the feminised seeds created from chemicals that hermie all the time and ruin your crop. Making female seeds the right way is much harder and more expensive because you can’t make as many seeds when the precious pollen is so small.

Why our fem seeds are so undervalued

So please realize our fem-seeds prices are amazingly low for the quality you’re getting. You’ll save your money by buying female seeds from us that won’t destroy your grow! Enjoy and smoke responsibly and be sure to check out our Female CBD Seeds.

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