Know which cannabis seeds are best for your climate in the US

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Choosing the right cannabis seeds is not easy until you know the local climate. Climatic factors play a role in your success in cultivating cannabis in your garden. You have to identify the weather patterns and average temperature level to grow cannabis. Although your personal choice is important, you have to buy seeds based on the climate.The climatic conditions needed for the growth of every cannabis strain are different. That is why you must know how the chosen seeds and their strains react to the local climate.

Before knowing about cannabis seeds and the preferable climates, you have to know about the types of strains.


  • Indica- Indica cannabis plants are 3 to 6 feet in height with rounded leaves. They have a greener look with dense foliage. You can grow them in colder climates.
  • Sativa- Sativa plants are about 12 feet in height with mature buds and red color. They also tolerate the cold climatic conditions.
  • Hybrid strains- These strains are created considering the local climates and growing seasons. You have to learn about them before choosing one.

Best Cannabis Seeds for US Climate

Best Strains for Warmer Climatic Regions

Cultivators who like to grow cannabis in warmer climatic zones have some options.

  • Blueberry strains ensure a lasting euphoric high and turn out a fruity flavor. They are short, dense, and have tones of hues of purple, red, and blue. The sunny, hot climates of Florida and Mexico are best for growing these strains from seeds.
  • Amnesia Haze is another popular strain providing mellow feeling. The weed plants have lime-green buds with small crystals. You can grow the weed in southern American regions, like Colombia.
  • White Widow is known for high potency, and it is easy to cultivate this strain from seeds. You will find the highest yield in the western US states, like California.

Best Strains for Colder Climatic Regions

You can cultivate cannabis outdoors when the temperature is low. Some strains give better yields in the cold climatic regions of the Northern US.

  • Super Skunk- It is a potential strain with a strong aroma. When the seeds grow into plants, you can find light green spots with brown hairs. The best fact is that this strain ensures quick flowering. You can grow it in the Western United States. .
  • OG Kush is another cannabis strain with high THC and intense citrus flavor. It is easy to identify the plant with its heavy buds. You can cultivate it in any cold climatic area (like Minnesota).
  • Strawberry Kush- The strain produces head-centric high and takes the shortest time for flowering. The buds alter their color under different temperature levels. Cultivators in Washington can grow Strawberry Kush.

You can now start searching for the right cannabis seeds based on the climatic conditions of the region. Climate is highly important, especially for your outdoor cultivation. You will get the best outcome from your effort into cultivating cannabis from seeds. However, other factors, like gender, are also relevant. With regular seeds, you will find 50% male plants and 50% female plants.