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Amazon Jungle Weed

Did you know that our skunk strain is from the Amazon? It’s a sativa indica hydrid with some of its heritage coming from the deep Amazonian Jungle. Its had names like skunk #1 and super skunk, but after I smoke her buds, I love to call her Jungle weed. You start to hear things in the night. Then you get really high and a very paranoid. But once you become experienced, you’ll feel calm and super high and happy. It’s very strange how a US prime strain can be both polar opposites. Extreme paranoid during your first experience smoker her, then after you bult up some tolerance, she’ll keep you laughing on the floor, litterally. Maybe even rolling around too when the first wave hots you hard.

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You can buy both THC and CBD Marijuana Seeds Amazon Canada prime strains, and there is a special promo ongoing. It’s never been a greater time to buy these two type of seeds because they’re high quality and on sale. Skunk #1 has Amazon and Canada primo genetics. Just remember not all jungle strains can be grown outdoors in the USA and Canada. It’s prime location to grow is on the equator in hot humid areas. You can also grow these outdoors in any dry area’s like California or Australia, but they’ll need plenty of water.

CBD Seeds Amazon